Our Team

Recognized for excellence

Chincotech is much more than merely an organization; it's an original technological innovation. Comprised of gifted individuals with diverse backgrounds, experience and skills, the team has a very important factor: a desire for safe, easy-to-use, security-enhancing biometrics which customers can believe in.

Akihiro Sanae - CEO & Co Founder

Sanae’s knowledge and long-term expertise in software programs and IT security are crucial to the effective commercialization regarding Chincotech technology. Graduated from the University of Tokyo in computer science and mathematics, Sanae comes with more than 25 years CEO-level expertise in the biometrics and IT sectors and has worked for some of the world’s top IT companies. Under his direction, Chincotech biometric solutions have been successful in proving their worth to government organizations throughout the world.

David Simpson - CFO

David brings many years of knowledge within accounting and finance, and is currently in charge of all financial resources essential to Chincotech, especially in responding to the current push for growth within the company. Utilizing his recognition and substantial client network within the financial sector, he also brings superb business opportunities, providing the company admission to further market segments. David is also a board member assisting the path and development of the company.

David Cohen - Partner & Co Founder

With Chincotech as his creation, David guides all algorithmic development and is given the task of keeping the company at the design front, with industry-leading precision, effectiveness plus end user experience, together with innovative technology. David has worked with motion tracking together with facial recognition for more than 19 years. David studied computer sciences, specializing on pattern recognition, at Oxford university. His fields of expertise are image processing, motion analysis, and of course biometrics.

Paul Rashford – Head Software Development Engineer

Paul works closely with David Cohen and assisted him in the creation of Chincotech Framework. Paul makes certain all Chincotech software program development and design engineering is faultless, scalable, and most of all conforms to the optimum security measures and privacy requirements. Coming from Washington, Paul studied computer sciences, specializing in algorithms and pattern recognition at the American University in Washington. Paul keeps the evolution process moving effectively, incorporating a can-do mindset together with a healthy and balanced realism and possesses outstanding capabilities in controlling huge and sophisticated software development creations.