International Standard


Chincotech provides consultation to a Facial Expert Working Group (IFEWG) along with many government agencies who are aiming to have an international standard in place by the end of 2017.

Governments and their agencies have recently completed a comprehensive database of facial images gathered from various sources throughout the world. This database is due to be launched in 2017. We have greatly assisted in this project by utilizing ours and our partner’s tagged database.

The result will culminate in a system that can be utilized by the world’s law enforcement agencies to share and analyze information, enabling them to identify both known fugitives, suspected terrorists along with listed missing persons, persons of interest and public media images. They will also be able to identify and verify mugshots that they receive by a comprehensive continually updated database.

Chincotech Promotes high standards and best practice

The Facial Expert Working Group (IFEWG) has regular meetings and acts a highly respected advisory group across the broad spectrum of biometrics. Chincotech although not a member of the IFEWG, is permanently on call to aid where necessary, especially in the complicated field of 3D biometric algorithms where Chincotech excels.

The group has initiated a best practice model to create uniformity among all parties that cover quality, format and communication of images to be used by governmental agencies facial recognition systems. The best practice model will assist in improving the quality of data received, which in turn will promote accurate and competent facial recognition.

In October 2015, the Facial Expert Working Group (IFEWG) hosted its first facial recognition symposium that was held to actively increase awareness of all relevant activities in the field of biometrics. Chincotech was able to assist by supplying its tagged facial images along with member countries that were able to contribute facial images to the new database.



Our team has been at the forefront of algorithm design and development for facial and general recognition since 2009 and continues to break boundaries in every aspect of facial recognition.



The beauty of Chincotech face identification algorithms and systems is the lack of requirement for any state-of-the-art hardware, as it can easily merge with existing image capture hardware systems a client may already be utilizing, including webcams, security cameras etc.