Software Assurance

Chincotech Software Assurance provides all necessary on-demand resources that enable all clients’ access to relevant software, staff training and bespoke product programming.

Guaranteed Support Network

With Chincotech Software Assurance, governments and their agencies along with independent security services and national database providers have a guaranteed assurance that covers all mission-critical applications. Chincotech are very proactive when considering today’s online security concerns and our systems have the highest possible protection against online threats, constantly staying ahead of present-day risks.

Risk-Free Test Environments

We actively encourage and carry out tests in the most demanding of environments while maintaining a security standard that allows risk-free testing. This gives clients the freedom to trial cross border operations without the worry of cross-contamination and loss of sensitive information.

Ageless Software

Software assurance gives clients a built in "Anti-Ageing" Solution that gives continuous software and database updates to ensure continuous mission-critical stability.