Committed to Unparalleled Innovation in Face Detection and Identification

Presently there are various methods of biometric identification: there is of course the first used biometric method; the fingerprint. Then the eye with iris and retina identification, voice and of course probably the most used of all, facial. All of these methods have various advantages and disadvantages, which need to be taken into account when considering the development of a biometric system.

Items to address are: how reliable is the system, what will it cost, how flexible is it, does it require physical contact with a scanning device and various other situations to take into account.

The beauty of Chincotech face identification algorithms and systems is the lack of requirement for any state-of-the-art hardware, as it can easily merge with existing image capture hardware systems a client may already be utilizing, including webcams, security cameras etc.

This is why facial recognition is the go-to solution for governmental agencies when searching for, finding and tracking individuals that it has interest in.



Our team has been at the forefront of algorithm design and development for facial and general recognition since 2009 and continues to break boundaries in every aspect of facial recognition.


International Standard

Chincotech provides consultation to a Facial Expert Working Group (IFEWG) along with many government agencies who are aiming to have an international standard in place by the end of 2017.