About Us

Headquartered in Japan Chincotech is a privately-owned company that since 2009 has been building an enviable reputation among governments, governmental agencies, security and military worldwide as a company able to develop the most reliable and advanced 2D/3D facial recognition algorithms and software solutions for today’s increasingly demanding environment.


Chincotech surveillance and recognition XFR8 software is being developed via a platform designed to seamlessly connect to any live CCTV network system and servers, offering unrivaled algorithms and secure software in some of the most challenging environments.

Chincotech works in conjunction with global governments and their agencies towards bringing together a unified solution to today’s unique situations such as terrorism and migration. By linking our software and algorithms to databases of like minded systems on a global basis, and by sharing information we are able to work towards making the world a safer place.

Our algorithms are designed to detect and monitor facial, direction and speed through true motion-based video at a rate of 5 million comparisons per second. This enables us to bring together a myriad of information that we can link to databases in any given network. Any individual that has been tagged by our partners or tagged by our software can be tracked throughout the network, be it localized or global.